Is Harry Maguire’s England Career Over?

Harry Maguire England

The Manchester United players are currently enjoying their offseason holidays but this hasn’t gone down well for one of the star defenders.

Englishman Harry Maguire got himself in hot water after an altercation with Greek police while vacationing on the island of Mykonos with family and friends.

Things are not looking good for the United captain as he was found guilty of multiple charges and will be serving a three-year suspended sentence.

Needless to say, that is all the English tabloids are talking right now but let’s sift through all the information and see what we know about the incident before I share my thoughts on how this can impact the players’ career going forward.

What Happened to Harry Maguire in Greece?

We don’t know too many details about what actually transpired but there are a few key aspects to note here.

First and foremost, the charges against Harry Maguire look quite serious.

He has been convicted of verbal abuse, physical assault, and bribery in an altercation involving six police officers.

He was accompanied by his brother Joe and a friend during the incident and both have been brought up on similar charges.

The prosecution insists that Maguire and company inflicted physical harm on the officers and tried to bribe them afterward which is still unconfirmed as they might have been simply attempting to pay a fine.

There are multiple theories as to what exactly happened but this is basically the extent of what we know to be true.

And in any case, it doesn’t look good.

Maguire has maintained he and his companions are innocent of these charges and has even hinted at them being the real victims of the incident.

I don’t know if we will ever learn the full details of the trial but the fact of the matter is that Maguire and the rest have been found guilty and they are yet to issue an apology.

How Will the Trial Affect Maguire’s Future Career?

The defender has never been in such a situation before and in fact, he has been praised for his professional attitude multiple times during his career.

His club Manchester United remain supportive until further details are revealed and given how the conclusion of the trial will most probably come after the beginning of the new season, I don’t believe the club will sanction their player beforehand.

However, that isn’t the case with Gareth Southgate and the English national team.

The manager axed Maguire from his squad for the upcoming Nations League games against Iceland and Turkey and watching Southgate’s briefing on the matter, it did feel as though he is very frustrated with the situation.

Once a hero for his national team at the 2018 World Cup, Harry Maguire is now looking at the very real prospect of missing out on playing for the side in the near future.

Sure, we have seen players getting withdrawn from the squad for all sorts of off-the-pitch misdemeanors and it usually blows off after a while.

However, we are looking at a very serious crime if Maguire is indeed found guilty, and given how the England national team has a strict zero-tolerance policy on such matters, I won’t be too surprised if we don’t see the player return to the fold.

Given that he is still 27, Maguire has ample time at his disposal to clear his name but it will be hard with all the adversity that will be coming from the media and rival fans.

This is bound to affect him mentally and I believe it isn’t a coincidence that something like this has happened to him after his move to Manchester United.

Despite he has been one of the team’s better performers this season, Maguire is new to playing for such a big name and we’ve seen many examples of players getting themselves in trouble because of the huge stress associated with representing an elite club.

It will be a very tough test for the Englishman and it comes at a time where his career was blossoming on all fronts.

I sincerely hope he will get the chance to show his main focus is on football but getting back in Southgate’s good graces can be a very hard task especially with all the competition for places in the team.

We’ll see how all of this will pan out but it’s definitely a big blunder from Maguire and one that can potentially hurt his career big time.

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