Which Teams Will Get Relegated from the English Premier League?

Brighton & Hove Albion, Aston Villa, West Ham United, AFC Bournemouth, Watford and Norwich City Logos

The January transfer window is over and that’s a good reason to explore the relegation candidates in the English Premier League. There are several teams that will be desperately trying to beat the drop, but three of them will ultimately fail. Based on the current EPL standings, I believe that the clubs currently sitting above the 15th place are safe. Crystal Palace is in the 14th position with 30 points. That’s six more than the bottom three and the team has an excellent defense. While it’s no impossible for Palace…

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Four teams fighting for the Premier League’s jackpot

Brighton, Hull City, Derby County and Sheffield Wednesday will compete for the most lucrative prize in English football: promotion to the Premier League. Deloitte claim promotion to the Premier League this season will be worth at least £170 million, which in this case assumes the promoted side gets relegated after just one season in the top flight. It is estimated clubs can count on an additional £95 million in revenue per season in the Premier League plus £75 million in parachute payments across the following two seasons if they are relegated,…

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