Four bizarre ways Dutch legend Marco Van Basten intends to revolutionize football


The former AC Milan and Netherlands forward who won the Ballon d’Or thrice was appointed the technical director of FIFA in September 2016 to oversee innovations in the ‘beautiful game’. Here are the four most bizarre (read ludicrous) suggestions from the former World Player of the Year to make football more ‘honest, dynamic, interesting and attractive.’: ICE-HOCKEY STYLE SHOOTOUT Marco van Basten’s proposed PK change: “Maybe the player should start 25 meters from goal.” Hmm. — Major League Soccer (@MLS) January 18, 2017 Basten’s suggestion puts an end to…

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Ranking the kits of the FIFA top 20: Do Wales still rate above England?

rooney england

The latest round of FIFA world rankings caused another stir of controversy, with Wales rising above England for the first time ever and France dropping 17 places below Romania, it’s easy to see why it’s got people’s backs up. However, just because a country has better individual players, it by no means ensures them a higher ranking. Though FIFA’s system is flawed, and confusing, we’ve come up with a much better way of working out FIFA’s top 20, and that’s by judging them on their kits. See how we’ve ranked…

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