Latest Football Transfer Rumours – April 27th Roundup

Latest Football Transfer Rumours

Lately, there has been a bit of movement in the football community with teams gathering for training sessions and leagues starting to announce their official plans for the remainder of the season. But don’t let last month’s radio silence fool you. The European top clubs haven’t been napping and all of them are lining up players to bolster the ranks and prepare for the future whatever it may be. This has prompted me to report on some of the latest football transfers that could potentially be wrapped up during the…

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How has the World Cup affected this year’s transfer market?

July is traditionally the time of year when transfer season moves into top gear, and the rumour machine across the Premier League, Championship and Leagues One and Two starts going into overdrive. This year, of course, attention has been focused to lands further east and the events in Russia. It is understandable that with so many Premier League players in action for their countries, the usual transfer frenzy among the giants, both in the UK and Europe, has been deferred till later in the month. But this has also resulted…

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Top 10 Premier League summer transfers of 2015

The winter transfer period is in full effect, but with the Premier League season passed the halfway point, it’s a good time to evaluate the best summer transfers of 2015. 1. Kevin De Bruyne (Man City) Performance: 5 goals + 9 assists The Belgian joined City from Wolfsburg for a record £51.8m this summer. He once escaped from Chelsea, but has not disappointed one bit at the Etihad, scoring five goals and recording nine assists. No other new player has been involved in more goals this season than De Bruyne.…

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