(Images) Aston Villa starlet Jack Grealish lies drunk in the street on lads holiday

Aston Villa youngster Jack Grealish looks to be having a whale of a time on a lads holiday in Tenerife this week. So much so that he has been spotted lying paralytic on the floor in the middle of the street.

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Another British holiday maker apparently met the Villa ace in a nightclub, but after parting ways they were reunited when she spotted him having a little booze induced snooze on the floor.

The blurry images are, she swears, are of the 19-year-old, sprawled out on the pavement next to two packets of cigarettes.

Sceptics attempted to brush off claims that is was Grealish, but a tweet doing the rounds from earlier in the night, which has now been deleted, appeared to show him in a similar t-shirt.

Grealish enjoyed a breakthrough season with the Midlands club, helping his side make their way to the FA Cup final. However, his rise was marred when another photo emerged of him taking a hit of ‘hippy crack’.

Villa have made a short statement, confirming that they are aware of the pictures and will be taking internal action.

Grealish later took to his own Twitter account in an attempt to rebuff the claims that he was the man in the photos.

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