Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard explains why he was NEVER going to join Chelsea

Departed Liverpool icon Steven Gerrard has explained that his hometown connection with the club meant that he was never going to join Chelsea earlier in his career, the Daily Express reports.

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Blues boss Jose Mourinho was admittedly a huge fan of the midfielder during his first spell in charge at the club, and reportedly came close to signing him back in 2005.

Gerrard has recently signed for MLS outfit LA Galaxy and will link up with them shortly, but there has been criticism of the 35-year-old for not taking up the Blues on their offer when it was presented, with many saying he could have won a lot more had he made the move to London.

But in a frank and honest interview with former England colleague Rio Ferdinand that will be aired tonight on ESPN, he has explained why joining Chelsea was never going to happen.

“I love the manager, I love the man, I’ve had a distant relationship with him for many years but, I have regrets for not playing for the man and the coach because I know he would have made me a better player,” Gerrard said.

“I know he would have had more trophies to what I’ve already won. But looking back now I have no regrets not signing for Chelsea. I don’t regret it at all.

“I’m happy with the decisions I made. The connection I’ve got with Liverpool, my home town club. I’ve probably underachieved at times in certain years with Liverpool but for me it is not all about winning trophies.

“It’s also about memories and love and what those memories meant. Winning four or five trophies with Liverpool means an awful lot more than winning 10 or 11 with Chelsea.”

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