Leicester City players won’t get bonus for winning the Premier League title

The players of current Premier League leaders Leicester City will receive the same bonus for finishing first as they would for finishing in 12th place, accoring to The Dail Mail.

The squad will share a pot of £6.5 million if they finish 12th or above, meaning the likes of Jamie Vardy and Riyad Mahrez won’t feel the difference financially if they finished win the Premier League, qualify for the Champions League, qualify for the Europa League or just come in 12th.

The story adds that the players are to split £3.5 million should they finish 17th, £4.5 million for 16th and 15th, and £5.5 million for 14th and 13th.

Even if the club wanted to reward the players for their amazing efforts this season, they wouldn’t be able to. Premier League clubs aren’t allowed to change their player bonus structures midway through the season.

Coach Claudio Ranieri will benefit from winning the Premier League crown, as the Italian will get an extra £100,000 per place above 17th and £1.7 million if the Foxes win the title.

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