West Ham fans turn their backs on Payet with hilarious chant, Twitter reactions

Following Dimitri Payet’s request to leave West Ham last week, the fans have quickly turned their backs on him. His regular matchday chant has been revisited, to a hilarious—if a tad crude—result.

As the Hammers cruised to 3-0 win over London rivals Crystal Palace at London Stadium on Saturday, the home fans serenaded their former beloved with a new chant.

“F*ck off,  Payet,”

“Dimitri Payet,”

“We just don’t want you anymore”

“You’ve got some f*cking front,”

*You money-grabbing c*nt,”

*F*ck off Dimitri Payet.”

One got to love the unified voice of angry football fans.

Here are some of the best Tweets from the unfolding saga.

Fun times for neutrals.

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