English Football Clubs Decide to Move Deadline Day to September 1st

Premier League Deadline Day

I already discussed the pros and cons of moving the summer deadline day in English football several days ago and I’m not shocked to hear that the clubs decided to go for September 1st once again.

The main reasoning behind this solution is to stay synchronized with the rest of Europe. That’s the date when the transfer window closes in most of the top football leagues on the continent and it’s hard to see how one of them might be an exception.

As the past two years showed, this simply doesn’t work in isolation. English clubs moved the deadline to the day before the start of the Premier League, but that didn’t solve the main issues.

Their players were still unsettled amid interest from foreign clubs. Even worse, some teams lost important players without the opportunity to replace them quickly.

I certainly hope that an earlier final date will be implemented universally soon. The media circus, the primadonna behaviour of the players and the constant hysteria are sickening and I’m sure many of you will agree.

They affect the quality of the football on the pitch and harm the game we love. Sure, there is the buzz around potential signings of your club, but the present day has ruined it for many of us. There are too many unconfirmed rumours, made-up sensations, and clickbait articles.

Let’s at least try to limit them to the period when there’s no football anyway.

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