Forlan launches attack on Sanchez Flores

Diego Forlan took questions this week on his departure from Atletico Madrid, and as Marca reports, he did not mince his words, choosing to criticise former Coach Quique Sanchez Flores.

Asked about his relationship with Sanchez Flores that was rumoured to be poor, the new Inter forward responded that: “He had a personal problem and demonstrated so, but I was also wrong. I had nothing against him.

“I too have made mistakes with my attitude, but I can say that in my 32 years, I have had many Coaches and not had a problem with any of them. This gentleman has gone through many teams and has always had problems. We all know Quique Sanchez Flores.”

With regards his late departure to Italy, Forlan admitted that he: “knew the club wanted to sell, but I asked them to understand my situation. I wanted to stay, but they always wanted to sell.

“Nobody forced me to go, but it is also true that I went on holiday and by the time I returned there were new players in my position. There is no animosity towards anyone in the end though, everything has worked out fine.”

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