Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho hit with six-month driving ban

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has received a six-month ban from driving after being caught speeding, the Daily Mirror reports.

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The Portuguese tactician was slapped with a £910 thanks to a ruling at Magistrates’ court on Wednesday having been clocked doing 60 in a 50mph zone.

Staines Magistrates’ Court were told how he was snapped by a speed camera zooming at 10mph over the speed limit on the A3 Esher bypass in Surrey, back in September 2014.

Mourinho, who didn’t appear at the hearing, plead guilty via a means form before the hearing took place, meaning his attendance wasn’t necessary.

And the 52-year-old, who already had nine points on his licence, was disqualified from getting behind the wheel for half a year following this latest offence.

Mourinho chose not to disclose his income to the court, but they declared that they would take his “significant income” into account when deciding on a punishment.

This fine included a £750 fine as well as a £75 surcharge and £85 in court costs.

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