(Imaged) Arsenal’s 2015/16 home shirt finally revealed?

The rumours of the design for Arsenal’s new home shirt for the 2015/16 season have been doing the rounds for weeks.

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All have seemed plausible, but nothing has yet been confirmed, and as a slew of top flight clubs confirm their new kits as the season has now ended, the Gunners have so far kept their cards close to their chest.

This has come as a frustration to the legions of Arsenal fans, both at home and overseas, and has sparked a mad scramble to find potential designs.

Puma released a teaser for the new strip earlier on Tuesday, but it left a lot to the imagination as the shirts were all obscured. However, Footy Headlines have once again managed to get their hands on a possible new design.

Made by Puma, it sports a smart collar and harks back to a more classic design. The sleeves are adorned with a gold trim.

Check it out below.


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