(Video) FIFA press conference HALTED as comedian stages protest and throws money at Sepp Blatter

Sepp Blatter felt forced to walk off during a FIFA press conference, after English comedian Simon Brodkin – known best for his character Lee Nelson – managed to get past security and stage a protest right in front of the outgoing president.

As Brodkin approaches the table where Blatter is sat, he lays down a large chuck of fake bank-notes right in front of the controversial head of football. He then turns to the audience to make some kind of speech, but is swiftly halted by security. However, he is not finished.

Just as he is about to be led away, the comedian turns to Blatter and throws an even larger wad of notes over Blatter, who proceeded to leave the stage. The Telegraph reporting that he was furious with what transpired.

Here is a look at the events:

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