Five most famous Pop songs to inspire football chants

Football chants are a very crucial part of the game. The crowd is always considered to be the 12th man for a football team, and chants are considered to be crowds’ tool to spur their team on.

Down the years, football fans have used a number of pop hits to create their chants either to support their team or to mock their opponents. Here we will take a look at the five most famous and popular pop songs, which inspired the football chants.

5. Just Can’t get Enough by Depeche Mode
This 1981 classic by English electronic band Depeche Mode has been used to create chants by fans of clubs such as Celtic FC, Aston Villa, Burnley, Bolton Wanderers and Feyenoord fans.

Here’s the original video of the song:

And here are Celtic fans signing the chant:

4. Love Will Tear us Apart by Joy Division

This classic by short-lived band Joy Division has inspired a number of football chants over the years. This song has been selected by Rolling Stone magazine at number 179 in its list of the “500 Greatest Songs of All Time”.

Original song:

Man Utd fans signing ‘Giggs will tear you apart.’

3. Yellow Submarine by the Beatles
You can’t really separate the Beatles from football. This song has been used as football chant all over the world.

American fans:

Japanese fans:

2. Hey Jude by the Beatles
Another classic by the Beatles. This one has been extensively used by the fans of clubs like Arsenal, Man City, Newcastle United, etc.

Original version:

Man City fans:

Arsenal fans: Na Na Na Na Na Giroud

1. Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes
The last one in our list is a modern hit by the band The White Stripes. This song is very common in football stadiums all around the world.

Original version:

Spain vs Greece game:

Santi Cazorla chant by Arsenal fans:

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