Top five passing teams in the Premier League

It’s always been an accepted norm that the best-performing teams always have a higher passing success rate.

However, one look at this list will tell you that’s not the case in the current season of the Premier League. Here are top five passing teams in the English top flight.

5) Manchester United (82 per cent)

With 82% passing rate, Louis Van Gaal’s men are the first entry on this list. Their position here is somewhat similar to their position on the league table, as they are currently placed six on the table, level on points with fifth-placed West Ham.

4) Chelsea (82.2 per cent)

Despite their struggles this season, the Blues have maintained to pass the ball around with quite a success this season. They sit in a lowly tenth position in the league table, but manage to make the top four in this list.

3) Everton (82.2 per cent)

Everton have one of the best attack-minded teams this season. They are the fourth highest goalscoring team in the league. However, their defence has let them down again and again, and they find themselves struggling in the bottom half of the table.

2) Manchester City (83.6 per cent)

It’s no surprise that City are so high up the table. Manuel Pellegrini’s men have been one of the best passing teams in the Premier League for a couple of years.

However, they have failed to find consistency in their form in the league this year and are almost out of the league race with eight games left in their campaign.

1) Arsenal (83.8 per cent)

Arsenal are the passing masters of the Premier League. But like City, they have failed to turn their passing into results and at times have struggled to score goals. They are currently placed third in the league table and only have an outside shot at the league title.

Source: WhoScored

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