Cristiano Ronaldo takes out THREE STUNNERS after finding lost mobile

Some guys just get all the luck.

On a night out earlier this week, Cristiano Ronaldo came across a lost mobile phone while on a night out, so being the all-round good chap he is, he grabbed it and gave one of the numbers a quick call to try and locate its owner.

And luckily for him, the owner happened to be an attractive young blonde lady by the name of Austin Woolstenhulme.

Sensing an opportunity, the Real Madrid man then invited her and a few of her pals out for dinner, to which they obliged.

The excited fans all took turns posing with Ronnie, who is now an eligible bachelor don’t forget, before being invited back bathroom suite.

Though there is no confirmation of what happened there, we can only speculate, but either way, we’re sure that a very good time was had by all.

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