Liverpool unveil images of a new ‘The Anfield Dugout’

Premier League club Liverpool have released a brochure containing images of the upcoming “The Anfield Dugout” in the main stand of their historic stadium Anfield, as reported by Sky Sports.

Construction is still underway at the main stand of the stadium, and the stand is expected to be ready during the 2016-17 season. The expanded stand will boast of a 20,500-seat capacity and a dedicated area for a sports bar.

The Brochure reads:

“In less than a year we will be welcoming our supporters into an expanded Main Stand, purposely designed to retain the unrivalled atmosphere and spirit of Anfield. With 8,500 extra seats, the Main Stand will be one of the largest all-seater single stands in Europe. Visible from several points in the city, it’s going to add another impressive landmark to the world-renowned Liverpool skyline.

“We’re breaking new ground at the Main Stand. We’re creating a place that will become a part of our culture at Anfield: a place of great history, passion and character, where a wall of noise can inspire and intimidate in equal measure.”

“This is hospitality that shares a real love of football.”

The expansion work will increase the total capacity of the stadium by 8,500 to 54,000 seats.

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