Tottenham have a problem in the final 25 minutes

Tottenham are contending for their first Premier League title since 1961, but according to Sky Sports on Twitter, the Spurs have some issues to resolve when it comes to the final 25 minutes of a match.

The news outlet calculated that Tottenham have lost points on eight occassions when conceding a goal on or after the 65th minute.

The Spurs are only ranked behind Aston Villa and Watford, who have lost points on 11 and nine occassions respectively.

Newcastle have lost points on seven occassions, with Bournemouth, Everton and Southampton coming in having lost points on six occassions when conceding during the final 25 minutes.

Spurs defender Toby Alderweireld recently came out to say that his team has a lot of confidence and that they believe they can beat everybody, while also praising Tottenham boss Mauricio Pochettino for his coaching style.

However, if the London club wants to keep playing a key role in the battle for the Premier League crown, they should be able to bounce back from a conceded goal during the latter parts of a match.

Tottenham are currently ranked third in the table with 45 points, two behind Manchester City and five behind league leaders Leicester City.

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