Six Premier League teams make top 10 most valuable football teams, West Ham are biggest risers

Forbes has released its annual The Business of Soccer study for the 2014/2015 season, ranking the most valuable football teams in the world.

Six Premier League teams make the top ten, with Manchester United being the league’s most valuable club. The Red Devils are worth £2.62 billion and only trail La Liga giants Real Madrid and Barcelona, who are worth £2.89bn and £2.81bn respectively.

Arsenal are down in fifth place behind Bayern Munich, being valued at £2.12bn. The Gunners lead sixth-placed Manchester City, who are worth £1.52bn. Chelsea and Liverpool are ranked seventh and eighth, in front of Serie A champions Juventus and Tottenham.

It’s interesting to note that two other Premier League clubs make the top 20. West Ham sit in 18th place at £0.43bn, being the biggest riser at 75.4 per cent compared to last the previous study made by Forbes. Newcastle are 20th, as the Magpies are worth £0.3bn.

Full top 10:

1. Real Madrid $3.65bn (£2.89bn)

2. Barcelona $3.55bn (£2.81bn)

3. Manchester United $3.32bn (£2.62bn)

4. Bayern Munich $2.68bn (£2.12bn)

5. Arsenal $2.02bn (£1.6bn)

6. Manchester City $1.92bn (£1.52bn)

7. Chelsea $1.66bn (£1.31bn)

8. Liverpool $1.55bn (£1.23bn)

9. Juventus $1.3bn (£1.03bn)

10. Tottenham $1.02bn (£0.86bn)

In the image below, you can check the valuation changes (in dollars) from 2015 to 2016, with West Ham, Tottenham and Liverpool leading the way:

juve forbes

In the image below, you can see a breakdown by “brand”, “commercial”, “broadcasting”, and “match day” revenue (once again in dollars):

juve forbes2

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